Excerpts, Flesh

When I went to church earlier today, I picked up this phrase, “ang sakit ng kalingkingan, ay dama ng buong katawan”, (the smallest pain is felt by your whole body). Any point in time in our lives we always feel even the slightest pinch of ache in our hearts and minds. If you think about it, it never really does go away. At any minute of any particular day, there is always something that bothers us. This phrase to me is somehow clever in a way that is understandable by the majority, but a few of us actually admit it.

When someone asks us how are we feeling, our reflexes tend to say we’re fine, even though we’re actually not. It’s like we are programmed to be constantly okay even though it’s perfectly normal for people like us to feel otherwise. This phrase reminds us that we can’t always ignore the negativity of things, no matter the effect, just to avoid the uncomfortable process of facing them. It’s brave of course, to put on a smile and face the world even though your problems seem to boil up inside you.

The tiniest amount of pain can be ignored, but it doesn’t really go away. The more you keep it inside, the more is spreads, and infects other aspects of yourself that didn’t really need any healing in the first place. An independent soul is admirable, sure, but even the toughest wolves travel in packs in order to survive.


Excerpts, Flowers

Imagine if every wish you asked for, every prayer you whispered, and every dream you had came true?–would there be still anything you would work hard for? Or to be worried about?

Though this might seem like every man’s dream, it takes out the thrill in waiting for the uncertain. The things we work hard for would be just within arms reach and the satisfaction of finally having it wouldn’t feel as much as great anymore. If you knew that anything that you desired would easily come true, would you still have anything to be thankful for?


Excerpts, Flowers

When you’re in your 20’s, and everything in your life are all balancing on a thin wire, there will be times when you might, and definitely will, be out of balance. Every little detail about yourself seems to be a blur and the people around you constantly pretend that it’s fine. You wouldn’t know exactly how you are really feeling about yourself until it’s 10 in the evening, and you’re alone in your room, and all you can hear are those toxic thoughts in your head telling you to fall apart.

Difficult doesn’t even begin to describe a young adult’s dreading journey of self-discovery. You set these goals and along the way you expect that things would just go along it’s course according to what you’ve planned, but they don’t. You’ll fail, people will disappoint you, you’ll lose your way, and this pit you’re currently in seems to have no way out.

You can drain the toxicity out of your system with probably another toxic habit. Like drinking, smoking, or even pouring your anger out on something or someone else. But that doesn’t hide the fact that you are not okay, and that’s totally acceptable. You can cry and scream all you want but the only one that can erase all this mess is yourself. You have all the freedom to choose how and when you would let this poison out of your mind. Just promise me one thing, don’t let it drown you or pull you down, because I know you’re stronger than that.

A Woman Versus Herself

Excerpts, Flowers

When was that last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and actually liked what you saw? A woman’s own perception of herself speaks volumes of how other people can see her. Confidence travels miles and miles but none of that compares to how the eyes carry the beauty of their beholder.

It is already a cruel world outside the comforts of a woman’s four-walled Babylon, but believe it or not, the most terrifying battle is yet to be fought by the persona that she wants to be, and who she currently is. When one’s time of defeat comes, serenity is the only feeling that exists inside one’s battlefield of thoughts. And finally, the mirror is nothing but only the reflection of a woman contented of the way she is.

A Dreamer’s Excerpt

Excerpts, Flowers

Every time a dream is born, believe that the universe creates a star for it. For every person has a unique constellation conspired like no other. A connection of dreams carefully sewn in the eternal vastness that is the midnight sky.

For when a person dreams, and wishes for it to come true, there is nowhere to look but up. And there, just above the busy sirens and twinkling lights of the city skyline, is the most peculiar pattern of stars anyone has ever seen. And believe it or not–it is entirely made just for you.