The Ups and Downs

Blends, Canvas, Excerpts, Galaxies

The Ups and Downs
[Acrylics on 14” by 18” Canvas]

Progress isn’t linear, that’s a common fact. Yet we still get frustrated when things don’t go our way. The smallest irregularities cause us to burst our emotions out and maybe that says a lot about the pressure we put on ourselves to be productive and perfect. We tend to be so conscious and criticize every single part of ourselves when in fact, we’re already capable and enough, we just don’t realise it yet.

The beauty about life is that it uses time to teach us lessons the human eye doesn’t normally see. As we get older, and look back on the past versions of ourselves, sometimes we cringe, sometimes we tear up, but most of all we are proud. Proud that we are able to make steady progress over time and also proud that we are still here and never gave up. And maybe the ups and downs make up who we are, and that’s something to hold on to.


The Transformation

Blends, Canvas, Features, Galaxies

The Transformation
[Acrylic Pour on 14” by 18” Canvas]

Growth takes time. It’s common knowledge that we have heard repeatedly in the past. They told us to wait, patiently, and then all things meant for us will just fall effortlessly into place. It was somehow comforting, knowing that at one point in time, everything will just work the way we want them to be.

But growing up, life makes us realise that there’s more to achieving your dreams than waiting. It involves acceptance. Though we may have planned our goals, the means of getting there may not be the same was what we expected. It takes courage to be able to accept how to get there, and maybe the waiting doesn’t necessarily make you grow, it’s the willingness to push yourself out of comfortability and finally face what it takes to get you from one goal to the other.


Blends, Canvas, Galaxies, Landscapes, Pour

[Acrylic Pour on 12” by 16” Canvas]

For some people, feeling consistently happy is a simple task. Some manage to get through every single day without overthinking and breakdowns. It makes us sometimes wonder about ourselves, if there’s something wrong or something missing. Growing up, all we hear from society is that in order to survive, you have to be strong, hide your flaws and make sure everyone thinks nothing is wrong with you, that you can do anything if you will it.

But there’s a certain turning point, you hear it in your heart that something just—clicked. Maybe there’s a different kind if bravery not known to most people, but it may be the key to true happiness. The courage in yourself to finally accept your flaws and shortcomings, yet still think that you are enough no matter what other people think. Realising that, it seemed like nothing is impossible, that you are genuinely loved and happy. I pray that you may hear that ‘click’ in your heart soon, in the meantime, I’m here to tell you that you’re beautiful and you are valid.


Canvas, Excerpts, Features, Flowers, Landscapes

[Acrylics on 10” by 14” Canvas]

Freedom is deceiving. We are so attracted to the idea of having the free will and capacity to choose whatever path we want, believing that it is always for the benefit of ourselves, but freedom without direction is often a dangerous thing. Your 20s give you the means of independence and the courage to actually be able to explore, but there’s this lingering feeling at the back of your head that your new found freedom and choices you make should have a purpose.

The direction is usually dictated to us, that you should continually move upwards, towards a goal that society can accept. But here’s what taking flight in your 20s truly is about—the choices you make should be directed to what YOU think is right and should agree with your own true purpose. Enjoy your freedom according to what makes you happy, as long as you’re not hurting other people along the journey, then you’re on your way.


Blends, Canvas, Pour


[Acrylic Pour on 12″ by 16″ Canvas]

Somebody once told me that peace is not given, but earned. We are so used to being locked up in our thoughts all the time, that even though we do it to be productive, it actually does the opposite. Worrying about things that we cannot control, no matter how many scenarios we come up with, cannot fully prepare us for what’s ahead. Sometimes it helps to enjoy the quiet and the calm.

Being more present in the now is a difficult thing to do. We always want what’s coming and what we could change. We could never be contented with what we already have, because we know we can do better. While most people would tell you that this is a valuable trait especially in your growth and transformation, it also helps to be easy on yourself sometimes. Accept that who you are is already enough. The opportunities will come on their own time and it definitely will. The first step to self transformation is acceptance, and everything will follow.